Lessons Learned From Recent Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware, it’s real for everyone

This month, the first fully functional Mac targeting ransomware malware was discovered. While we are not going to discuss the specifics of the ransomware, we have a lesson to learn from it. The ransomware was delivered by downloading the latest version of a piece of software from its official source. The ransomware follows the traditional lines of its prolific Windows counterparts. IE: It will encrypt all the files it can find and demand payment for the decryption key.

Step-by-Step protection against ransomware you typically perform, that won’t work

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Take Managed Services Beyond Problem-Solving to Profit-Generating

Managed Service Providers (MSP)” have been a great value for many small and mid-market companies for many years. Having a team of experts who would solve technology problems and take care of the computers took many companies out of what they felt was becoming a second, non-paying occupation for them. Now they could focus on what they really did for a living.

Make it Work…

One of the challenges facing these companies was that the MSPs they were working with were in the “fix-it” business. That is, whenever there was a problem they came and fixed it. Maintaining the status quo was the goal. Some offered better monitoring so they could “fix it” faster, but restoring functionality as quickly as possible was all they were really there to do.

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The Number of Needed Resources Stays the Same But the Skills Change

If you’re frustrated by how difficult it is to keep up with the rapidly emerging advances in information technology (IT), read below and learn how to stay ahead of them for good!

Who to Hire, How to Know

This is probably the biggest challenge a company faces when building their IT department. The company and its management seldom come from the IT industry, but now they’re confronted with hiring people to run one of their most critical operations. Many candidates sound good, and even look good on paper, but how do you know who to hire?

Many decide to align the platforms they know comprise their IT implementation with the resumés and select people with the requisite skills. An intelligent approach, until…

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Security Awareness

Hackers and spammers are always trying to find new ways to trick their victims into clicking a malicious link or downloading malicious software.  Among common topics that interest the public are news articles about terrorism, political debates, refugee crisis’, online dating, celebrity gossip and job offers.  This year has the added bonus of a presidential election going into the holiday season.

Well known examples include

  • Online anonymous voting polls that install malware, regardless of which candidate you click on
  • Links to “news” articles about election propaganda or news articles addressing current events
  • Online holiday sales offering great deals
  • Holiday fundraisers for the sick/injured/needy
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Keep Mobile Security from Becoming a Nightmare

Any experienced burglar will tell you that the best place to break into any building is at the points of entry; doors and windows.  The same can be said for data theft.  The best place to break in is at the endpoints, especially mobile devices, where people most often make authorized access.

This is important to think about for those who hear “security” and only think “firewall.”  The firewall is a great security tool, but only one of many that all need to be incorporated to create an effective security strategy for any network. When some of those points of network entry include mobile devices selected by the end users themselves for their convenience and ease of use, careful consideration of those other security measures becomes even more critical

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Cyber Attacks on Medical Devices

Perhaps the biggest challenge growing in the Internet of Things (IoT) is security, especially when you consider that some of the things connected to the internet are used to monitor, maintain, and improve the health of human beings. To reduce cost and facilitate ease-of-use, many of the systems used to manage these interconnected-things are moving away from bespoke, purpose-built units to industry-standard technologies. While they do reduce costs significantly, they also expose these systems and all the things connected to them to the vast, growing universe of online threats.

On the broadest side of the concern are office and industrial buildings who environments, heating, air conditioning, and more are being managed by Industrial Control Systems (ICS). An enterprising hacker could bring companies in that building to a standstill by simply shutting down the HVAC cooling system on a very hot, humid day. The interior of the building would quickly become stiflingly hot, driving employees to have to leave.

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